Domestic Properties

There are several laws that define that any rented domestic property must be checked to ensure electrical safety. These include “The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985“, “The Consumer Protection Act 1987“, “Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulation 1994” and the more recently introduced “Houses in Multiple Occupation” (HMO) regulations.  We offer a range of services for rented properties including:-

  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) - annual testing of any electrical items which plug in to mains supply
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) - testing of an electrical installation which should be carried out every 5 years in rented property.
  • Remedial Works - where required, we are happy to undertake remedial work which we are able to self certify under Part P of building rules and regulations.

We look forward to developing relationships with our landlords and letting agents and working with them for many years. We offer many potential benefits including:-

  1. Service tailored to each client comprising any or all of the above. We can handle everything from renewals processing through appointment making to actually carrying out the work. We then supply all required safety documentation for the job along with the invoice. Agents and landlords can enjoy reductions in administrative work as one order can cover multiple inspections meaning only 1 contractor to liase with and 1 invoice to process per property.
  2. Pricing reflects economies of scale for multiple inspections so landlords benefit financially when both gas and electrics are to be checked on one order.
  3. Integrity is assured as we are happy for our clients to use us only for test and inspection and to use third parties to carry out necessary remedial works. This approach ensures that when we highlight issues they really are issues. Of course, being NICEIC Approved Contractors means that we are able to provide NICEIC EICR’s as insisted upon by many insurers and that we are regularly checked for the quality of our work! Furthermore, as we are NICEIC Domestic Installers, we are able to self certify any remedial/installation work we undertake as required under Part “P” of Building Rules and Regulations.


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